Thursday, March 3, 2011

Soal UMB PTN 2009

Prepare yourself, reduce ngelayapnya clubbing and hobbies. These months are the stakes for the future of you. That said, your future is determined from the foresight and diligence at this time.

Remember! joint entrance examination or UMB is registered until June 4, 2008 and exams 7-8 June. For the national selection into public universities (SNMPTN), registered June 16 to 28 and test 2 to 3 July 2008.

At least two mandatory information you pocket. Information to be one key to the success of college entrance (PTN).

Information entered PTN now it seems confusing because the system is now more diverse student recruitment, not just one or two lines. Unfortunately, the various paths that until now could not make a single institution that became a kind of clearinghouse or information center.

Arif from SMAN 65 Jakarta said the information he obtained to rely on Career Guidance teacher (BK), which proactively seek out. "The first time you hear how incoming PTN was a bit confused, but eventually get it too," he said.

Arif has followed an independent examination into the University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) and are waiting for UMB. "I take UI to UMB. If the new passes participate SNMPTN baseball, "he said.

Kartini Barrel M from SMAN 8 Jakarta in addition to getting information from the school, also from the newspaper. "I actually know about UMB from newspapers, I just asked to the school," he said.

Download Soal UMB 2009

Basic Reasoning Problem:

English Language

Science Reasoning Problem:

Mathematical Science

Problem of Social Reasoning:

History and

Pathways to UMB must be encouraged as much as possible because the chances of more than SNMPTN. Quota freshman here down.

The information obtained is actually written by bloggers more than the official information from the organizers. UMB selection system and SNMPTN only be pieces of news. If searching on search engines like Google, it's hard to get his official website.

PTN property website in question is also not all of them present information in a delicious selection of admission and easily understood. In fact, the website is a "window" to visit the campus page.

But, thankfully, the site has been created to address SNMPTN Simply complete because it contains various information PTN incorporated, including the direction you provided and the capacity of each department.

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