Thursday, March 3, 2011

Soal UMB PTN 2008

New Pattern

SNMPTN born out of criticism of PTN about financial management in the selection process of new admissions (SNCA) in the last two years. After going through a long discussion, 57 agreed to hold SNMPTN PTN with a transparent financial management system.

UMB is entered with a written test to five PTN, namely UI, UNJ, UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, Medan USU, and Hasanuddin University in Makassar.

These days will be as oppressive for those who want to seek higher education.

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Basic Reasoning Problem:

English Language

Science Reasoning Problem:

Mathematical Science

"Now more and more how to register with the PTN, but it must find its own information or ask the school. But, what makes us dizzy, PTN is now beginning commercial, "said Arif.

"I just hang up the results from UMB and SNMPTN this, hopefully I stay out SNMPTN baseball," said Kartini Barrel.

Each system has a capacity of recruitment is different. GMU, for example, received 30 percent of new students from the search path seeds, 65 percent through the written test, and 5 percent of the remainder through the SNMPTN.

UNJ open lines of search revenue interests and abilities (PMDK) with a quota of 10 percent, UMB 30-35 percent, and the rest SNMPTN.

Actually if you go PTN first target for any reason, such as low fees, you must have a strategy. For example, installing the first choice with major prestigious (high passing grade) and second choice for the department which is roughly enthusiasts quiet (low passing grade.)

Therefore, ask your teacher or guidance counselor in learning to know the passing grade for each course of study. Know your capacity before, just adjust to the passing grade for each course of study.

Indeed, many ways to get in the PTN. To be able to enter PTN kemungkinanmu higher, you do have to hold information on procedures for incoming PTN, which have various lane entrance that way.

Enter a variety of ordinances that also apply to the diploma program. Please remember, every college has a procedure that was different entrance.

To obtain various information, most easily via the website PTN desired.


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