Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Prediksi Soal UMB 2011

Exam Content of UMB 2011 Exam testing consisting of: Basic Reasoning Problem consists of: Mathematics, Bahasa Indonesian, and English. Science Reasoning Problem consists of: Mathematics Science, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. And Problem of Social Reasoning: Economics, History, and Geography.

Alhamdulillah all the practice problems you can download. You are the visitors to prayer, our team successfully processed Exercise Problem UMB PTN 2011, then revisit our site as often as possible. Thanks!

Download Prediksi Soal UMB 2011

All exam drill consists :

Basic Reasoning Problem:
(All Exercises Completed with Solutions!)

English Language

Science Reasoning Problem:

Mathematical Science

Problem of Social Reasoning:

History and

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

UMB-PTN High Capacity, Competition Tight

Chief of the Society Selection Admissions Nusantara (P-SPMBN) Asman Boedisantoso said, the tight competition for admission through the joint entrance examination of universities (UMB PTN) this year to prove the high public confidence in the implementation of the UMB PTN. This year, the number of participants receiving path selection UMB rose to 66 percent.

"Chances are even more, about 70 percent. In Padang, which is at Andalas University and State University of Padang, the increase is even up to 700 percent, from 2,500 participants to 15,000," said Asman Boedisantoso to, in Jakarta on Monday (24 / 5 / 2010).

Currently, capacity is more opened indeed. At UMB PTN 2009, the number of seats provided as many as 7793 seats on 7 PTN. This year, the number of seats that are prepared to reach 10,300 seats with the number increasing to 12 PTN PTN. Meanwhile, the number of examinees this year increased, from 74,544 in 2009 and then to 126,404 people at UMB PTN 2010.

"The addition of PTN participants this year is to give effect to the increase in participants, but it also once more to tighten the competition. This proves, that people increasingly believe the P-SPMBN after tested for 30 years," said Asman.

In 2009, PTN UMB participants consisted of 7 universities, namely University of Indonesia (UI), State University of Jakarta (UNJ), State Islamic University (UIN) Jakarta, UIN Makassar, Syah Kuala University (Unsyiah), North Sumatra University (USU ), and the University of Jambi (Unja). This year, PTN participants increased five universities, including State University of Padang (UNP), the University of Palangkaraya (Unpar), University of Malikussaleh (Unimal), Andalas University (Andalas), and the State University of Semarang (Unnes).

The implementation of the UMB PTN was done simultaneously on Saturday (5/22/2010) ago. PTN UMB Results will be announced on June 8, 2010 through site

"The important thing is, the more people believe in us. Problem-because good and the results are satisfactory to all parties. If the other held a new test, we tested 30 years," said Asman, affirm.
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